“You just dealt with it” – After ‘Deal or No Deal’, Meghan Markle Discusses #MeToo Movement in the Industry

“You just dealt with it” – After ‘Deal or No Deal’, Meghan Markle Discusses #MeToo Movement in the Industry

Time and again, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has displayed strong willpower and courage to voice her opinions. Regardless of what came to her path, she always figured a way through it. To shed light on some more of her iron will stories, the 41-year-old joined Variety, where she opened up a lot about her life. 

Meghan’s latest interview with the magazine reflected on her current life. She spoke about the aftermath of the sad demise of the Queen, her joint production with Harry, and her podcasts. However, she also gave her honest opinions on matters that involved notoriously controversial movements. In fact, the way she expressed it struck a chord with many. So what did she say?

Meghan Markle sheds light on the industrial toxicity that prevailed in her time 

The interviewer asked the former American actress about the degree of toxicity that dwelled in the industry back when she was a part of it. Meghan was also asked about her stance on mass movements and protests like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite? Speaking frankly enough, she affirmed “We did not have a name for it(industrial toxicity) at that time.” 

Markle further went on to explain that, back in the day, people considered just certain things to be acceptable. There was by no means one could thrive in the gray place. Hence, they either lived in the light or the dark. And according to her, the latter was the place where many women belonged. When things went off the track, “you just dealt with it” remarked Markle. “It forced a lot of women to live with this idea of staying silent,” she added further. 

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The amount of focus and reactions that were imposed on women was by far an unnecessary act, while there were bigger concerns at hand. Rather, she stated that the voices that were subdued could have helped fix some social evils and norms that prevailed at that time. 

The Duchess went on to answer a lot of other questions with her answers, as straight as an arrow. So, what do you think about Meghan’s take on the matter? Were you a part of campaigns like #MeToo as well? Let us know in the comments below. 

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