Writing‘s on the Wall for Kanye West as Taylor Swift Overtakes His Net Worth

Writing‘s on the Wall for Kanye West as Taylor Swift Overtakes His Net Worth

Ever since the 2009 VMAs, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been in a constant on-and-off battle. From Ye interrupting Swift’s acceptance speech to namedropping her in his song Famous to the many public statements the two have made on one another; their ‘Bad Blood’ has been a ride for the fans. And now it has taken a new direction.

Lately, West’s string of controversies has landed him in some serious hot water. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has had an amazing run in the music industry. Apart from the record-breaking success of her recent album, Swift has yet another milestone to rejoice over. The Bejeweled singer has reportedly surpassed the Donda rapper in terms of net worth.

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Taylor Swift outshines Kanye West in net worth

Just this week, Taylor Swift made a massive mark with her album Midnights. Her name will go down in history as the first artist ever to reign in all the top 10 slots on Billboard’s Hot 100 with the chart-topping Anti-Hero at the no. 1 spot. The only artist ever to come even close to this ranking was Drake. Last September, the One Dance rapper notched 9 out of the 10 slots on the eminent chart.

While that is achievement enough, the American singer-songwriter has also raced ahead of West in terms of net worth. According to a report by Forbes, Swift is worth around $570 Million while Ye’s net worth has plummeted to $400 Million. Fun fact: One song from T-Swift’s latest album is titled Karma. While we might never know if this is just a coincidence or some subliminal messaging, fans believe it to be jibes at the rapper.

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Until recently, West was the richest rapper in the world. However, in the aftermath of his antisemitic remarks, several brands, including Gap, Balenciaga, TJX, and more severed ties with the Yeezy Founder. However, the biggest blow to his financial empire came from the end of his billion-dollar partnership with the German sports brand, Adidas. So much so that Forbes even reported this falling out to cost Ye his billionaire status.

Additionally, while Kanye West earns most of his fortune through his business enterprises like Yeezy, Swift earns entirely through music. Since she even writes her own songs, the royalties rolling in are significantly higher than other artists.

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