WrestleMania Making a ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff Starring Rhea Ripley as Eleven?

WrestleMania Making a ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff Starring Rhea Ripley as Eleven?

David Harbour turned the world of fans upside down when he announced that the shooting of Stranger Things will begin in June. Since then, viewers have been speculating about what Duffer Brothers will bring next for them. As they previously promised the fandom, they won’t leave them disheartened after season 5 by putting an end to this beloved storyline. Also, a few months back sources revealed that Millie Bobby Brown has signed a new project with the creators that will focus specifically on the lead character Eleven. However, a new video released by WrestleMania over social media says otherwise as we see the 2023 Royal Rumble Match winner Rhea Ripley in Eleven’s avatar.

The official account of Collider recently dropped a video featuring the WWE player Rhea Ripley. In this amazing clip, fans saw that WrestleMania reenacted episode 3 of Stranger Things Season 1 as the champion combated the same fears and pressure that the character faced in the show.

Moreover, instead of Dr. Martin Brenner, fans heard the voice of John Cena, who was supervising this psychic test. Just like Papa, he intimidated Ripley, saying, “how does the work pressure make you feel Rhea?”. Then she stared at the camera with the same iconic stare Eleven usually gave Papa. But his prodding worked as she crushed the can with her mind, similar to what Eleven did through her telekinetic powers.

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Well, we would say that it is certainly one of the most remarkable promotion vignettes released by WWE. It is completely agreeable that the Australian wrestler would be feeling immense pressure at this time as she will be standing against Charlotte Flair in the upcoming SmackDown Women’s Championship.

What does the star cast feel about Stranger Things reaching its end?

In the latest interview with Seventeen Magazine, Millie Bobby Brown opened up about what she feels about the approaching finale. During the conversation, the British actress clearly stated that she is ready to leave the show behind and “focus on the bigger picture.” According to her, it has been too long since they started the journey of Stranger Things. So now it’s time for this huge cast to move and explore new things.

Also, David Harbour, who plays the role of Jim Hopper on the show, told DiscussionFilm that it’s high time for this mega-hit series to end. Stranger Things started in 2016 and will return to the small screen for the last time, probably next year.

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