With Half the Season Wrapped, ‘The Witcher’ Set Sees an Iconic Fight Between Geralt and Vilgefortz Unwrap

With Half the Season Wrapped, ‘The Witcher’ Set Sees an Iconic Fight Between Geralt and Vilgefortz Unwrap

There are a few things that do not satisfy us until we get the whole of it. They are so dear to our hearts that we always long for even the smallest hints to caress our thirst. Such is the fandom of the Netflix original, The Witcher.

Ever since the day of its very first debut, the series has made a significant place in our hearts. The world inhabited by the ones possessing Elder Blood, and witches with powerful witchcraft filled the void that others such as Game of Thrones left in our lives. And so, after its second season, fans have been deliberately waiting for the year 2023 to bring us the best present-  The Witcher season 3.

Although we cannot pace up the time, we have always provided you with the smallest news revolving around this violent medieval monster mayhem. Earlier fans danced with joy when the news came around that block one of the 3rd season is wrapped. This time around, we have something even more exciting to share.

They almost wrapped the first 4 episodes of The Witcher on Netflix!

The cast and crew of The Witcher have been restlessly working in South Wales at the locations Nash Point and Trefil Quarry with director Gandja Monterio. The director was assigned to shoot block two of the season and has now wrapped it. This means episodes 3 and 4 of this most anticipated season are now complete. Hence, the production house is already halfway through the work. 

Now, Director Loni Peristere has taken the work into his hands and has already started with block three or episodes 5 and 6 of this Netflix Original. As reported by Redanian Intelligence, they will take three days to shoot the episodes in South Wales. The first shooting day was June 27 at the Three Cliffs Bay, South Wales.

Furthermore, it is also reported that The Witcher season three will introduce us to the most stunning fight from the books: Geralt vs. Vilgefortz. And here we provide you with its footprints beforehand. All thanks to the photographers of Redanian Intelligence.

An iconic fight between Geralt and Vilgefortz on the sets of this Netflix Original

The source photographers provided us with several shots from the South Wales Shoot. However, the one that captured our interest is the fight between Geralt of Rivia and Vilgefortz of Roggeveen. It is one of the most anticipated scenes that takes place during the Thanedd CoupGiven below are some still shared by Redanian Intelligence:

In these images, one can clearly witness Geralt fighting Vilgefortz with his sword while the other has his staff intact. Further, we can also see Vilgefortz’s newest outfit and the staff. We all know that Wolfgang Stegemann, the Blaviken fight coordinator, has returned for The Witcher season 3, so this will surely be a sight worth watching.

Well, that’s all for now. But you can always turn on the notification and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with the latest news on The Witcher. Are you also eagerly waiting for season three to drop out? The comments section is waiting for you to pour it all out.

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