With Crooked Front Teeth, Will Smith Vowed Vengeance Demanding “one swing” to Hit Rival Much Before Slapgate?

With Crooked Front Teeth, Will Smith Vowed Vengeance Demanding “one swing” to Hit Rival Much Before Slapgate?

2022 was certainly a banging year for the Fresh Prince. What could have apparently been a decent ceremonial proceeding of Academic awards ended up in a blunder when Will Smith decided to walk up the stage and slap Chris Rock in front of the entire universe for making fun of his wife before receiving the highest form of recognition for excellence in cinematic achievements for his role in King Richard.

But do you know this was not the only time the Emancipation actor got violent? Some two years before the Chris Rock controversy, Smith was actively pursuing just one “swing” to hit the Mamacita singer. Well, before you get alerted, here are all the details you would want to know. P.S.- Ryan Reynolds is not the only prankster Hollywood boasts about!

Will Smith, crooked teeth, and vowed revenge- was Jason Derulo in trouble?

Apparently, back in 2020, Will Smith posted a video on his Instagram handle which saw him playing indoor golf with Don’t Cry For Me singer, Jason Derulo. Everything was pretty smooth in the viral video until it was not anymore! Just on the last second of his swing, the 32-year-old singer hilariously hit Will Smith right in his mouth, leaving the Fresh Prince crooked forever. It seems like the golf lesson did go as planned.

Fresh Price then jokingly replied to him, “It’s my turn. It’s my turn. I only need one swing.” Fans first started emphasizing The Pursuit of Happyness actor but soon realized that there was no bloodshed whatsoever. Will Smith, later on, revealed that it was nothing more than a mere prank and that his teeth are completely fine. Fans certainly had a ride of delight watching him pulling the prank.

Notably, it was not the first time for Will Smith to play such mind games. He has often fooled the fanatics in a jocular manner. We can now safely assert that Ryan Reynolds may have a knack for cracking the most hilarious jokes, pranking his friends and fans, and throwing sarcasm around like confetti, but he is not the only one. The Fresh Prince preceded him before we knew about the Deadpool mercenary.

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