NO! Will Smith did NOT re-enact the Oscars slap from an old movie – it is the opposite

NO! Will Smith did NOT re-enact the Oscars slap from an old movie – it is the opposite

Did Will Smith get inspiration for the Oscar slap, or did the slap inspire a movie? The actor landed in trouble big time when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars in 2022. Rock, who was the host for the night, cracked a joke about Jada Smith’s bald head. That did not sit well with her husband, who went up on the stage to suddenly smack Rock in the face.

The aftermath of the incident is felt to this day. He became an example of what not to do. Despite it, the incident became a source of meme content and even a learning lesson. But when a video on social media showed an exact Oscar scenario, it made people wonder if Smith got his inspiration from it.

What was the video that recreated the Will Smith slapgate incident?

The I Am Legend actor has been an icon for over three decades due to his successful career, but Oscar night has certainly made an example out of it. However, a Twitter user posted a video that showed the exact same scenario and asked, “Can anyone tell me what movie scene this is from?” The video was captioned, “Now we all know Will Smith copied an old movie..But as it turns out, the video was created not before but after the incident. 

It was made by an inspirational guru and content creator Dhar Mann who is all over social media. He is known for making life lesson videos, sometimes based on relatable real-life incidents. But instead of the real incident, the creator gave it his own twist to try to set a better example with an alternative end to the incident.

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However, not everyone is also too pleased with the video for using a real incident for content creation.

As for real life, Smith did apologize for his actions, but neither Rock nor the audience seems to have forgiven him for his mistake yet. He has been banned from the Academy Award for a decade, and his movie Emancipation suffers the consequences as well.

What did you think of Dhar Mann’s video when compared to Will SMith’s incident? Comment your thoughts.


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