Will Smith Gains Another Supporter in Joe Rogan Following Oscar Slap Controversy

Will Smith Gains Another Supporter in Joe Rogan Following Oscar Slap Controversy

A tell-tale sign that 2022 was going to be a banging year was when not four months in, Will Smith got up on the Oscar stage, to smack Chris Rock in the face. And then proceed to shout what would become the catchphrase of the decade “Get my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.” Despite it being almost a year since the slap gate took place, the constant memes on our timelines of the incident have ensured that we remember the Will Smith slap gate incident more than what we ate for dinner just a night ago. Apart from the memes, it is also the omnipresent discussion of whether Will Smith still remains an actor that the audience would crowd the movie theatres for.

The actor made sure to remain hidden from the limelight following the days of the Oscar slap and even after his public apology. It was only after the release of his Apple+ movie Emancipation that the actor was seen in public. Smith, an actor with three decades of excellence in the movie industry, even said he understands those who do not want to watch his movies. This display of remorse, added to the fact that he is a brilliant actor, has gained Will Smith another supporter in the industry.

Joe Rogan stands by Will Smith

Following the Oscar slap gate, it is understandable that Will Smith did not have many supporters in Hollywood. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor, who was once considered one of the friendliest in Hollywood, had little to no supporters. Now that the discussion is reemerging with the same magnitude, Joe Rogan has changed his stance.

Rogan, who hosts The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, reminisced with Jon Bernthal about a conversation he had with comedian Brian Simpson about his stance on Will Smith. Rogan said at first, he immediately said, “that guy-f**k that guy (Smith) forever)” as reported by Daily Wire.

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He further added, “Like there’s a lot of us, in the beginning, we were like, ‘F*** that guy. F*** you forever.’” However, as time has passed, the podcaster has had a change of heart. “And I’m like, ‘No.’ You know, now thinking about [it], I’m like, that guy has to be forgiven,” Rogain said. In conclusion, Joe Rogain is now among the lot who have come to the conclusion that Will Smith should be forgiven.

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