Willem Dafoe Has a Crazy Idea About a Joker Role in DCU, and It Is Not What You Are Thinking

Willem Dafoe Has a Crazy Idea About a Joker Role in DCU, and It Is Not What You Are Thinking

Do you remember when in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger portrayed the character of Joker? How much love the actor received for his outstanding performance in the film! There are talks going on about the new Batman film in the updated DC slate and fans have speculated many actors to play the character and Willem Dafoe is one of them. However, the actor recently shared a crazy idea about his contribution to the character with Jimmy Fallon.

Recently, the American actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While talking about many things, Jimmy Fallon asked him about playing the devious villain of the DCU in the upcoming film. Speaking about the actor gave voice to the fandom’s wishes, as he said, he already had an idea about it. He mentioned, “I thought it would be cool for me to play an imposter. Like slipstreaming his thing.” And the audience approved by cheering and loud applause.

While he did not poach it to Warner Bros, he just casually revealed it in an interview. The clip has gone viral with the fans appreciating Dafoe. Notably, when James Gunn announced the new Batman movie, fans already wanted the 67-year-old actor to portray the character.

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After announcing Superman Legacy, James Gunn announced a Batman film in his last major announcement. While the new DC boss wants to reboot the DCU, he wants to take certain characters’ stories in a different direction. Gunn wants to portray Batman in a different light in the upcoming film. The Brave and the Bold will be the story of Bruce Wayne training his son, Damian. While the film would see a little younger Batman, fans predicted it should have this villain to add a little thrill. And thus, The Lighthouse star comes in.

Fans wanted Willem Dafoe to play the Joker for a long time now

As Willem Dafoe has portrayed villainous roles before in his career, fans think his portrayal of the DC villain would be perfect.

While remembering the Green Goblin, fans shared their desire to cast Willem Dafoe as Joker in the DC films. Do you also want to see the Green Goblin actor as DC’s devious villain? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below.

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