Will Smith Turns on His Rapper Mode, as He Sings ‘Just the Two of Us’ on Instagram, Leaves Fans Wanting More

Will Smith Turns on His Rapper Mode, as He Sings ‘Just the Two of Us’ on Instagram, Leaves Fans Wanting More

It’s not uncommon for musical artists to turn to acting. Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are two prime examples of the same. And now The Weeknd is also making his foray into television and movies. Will Smith is yet another example of a star that is talented in both acting and music. Not many know or were just too young to know that the Hollywood icon had a thriving musical career. He was a rapper with hit titles and albums to his name. Altogether, it has been years since he released a new one. But Smith gave his fans a treat when he posted himself rapping to the hit ‘Just The Two of Us’ on Instagram.

In one of his social media posts, fans saw Will Smith take on the sing with me challenge. He rapped to his mega-hit ‘Just Two of Us’ as Ellen Alaverdyan hit the chords on her guitar. Alaverdyan, a TikTok star, had covered the original 1980s Grover Washington Jr and Bill Withers song. The Men in Black star had sampled the song for his album Big Willie Style. Will Smith praised the 10-year-old for an outstanding rendition of the song on her guitar in his caption. He also made sure to tag others to add something of their own to the collaboration. 

The song was a major hit since it hit the stores in 1997. It was the fourth track on the album, Big Willie Style. Along with that, Smith also attained the No.20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998. Following it, he released ‘Willennium’, ‘Born to Reign’, and ‘Lost and Found.’ He achieved US number-one singles with hits like ‘Wild Wild West’ and ‘Gettin’ Jiggy With It.’ The Oscar winner is also a four Grammy winner. 

The acoustic rendition of the song was such a surprise for the fans that they started pouring in their love for him on Instagram.

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Fans react to Will Smith rapping to Just The Two of Us

Fans are overwhelmed with nostalgia as they see him rapping again. They are also defending the star for doing well and taking steps to move forward from the Oscars fiasco. Apparently, the star had tried his best to reach out to Chris Rock and apologize to him, but Rock didn’t reciprocate.

“You are such a classy and gracious Man Mr. Smith. We all fall short and God grants us Mercy! You NEVER teardown others in order to make your self fill validate ❤️❤️” 
“You are a legend! Period 🔥”

“I can’t tell you how many times I played ‘Big Willie Style’ when it dropped in 97. I had the portable non-skip CD player. Couldn’t tell me nothing.”

“OK PEOPLE are you forgetting he a rapper with 4 Grammys this song is a classic. KIDS.”

“Dear Jesus that’s awesome 🔥”

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