Will Smith Privately Tried and Failed to Apologize to Chris Rock, Sources Reveal

Will Smith Privately Tried and Failed to Apologize to Chris Rock, Sources Reveal

Every passing day brings us closer to the prestigious Oscar ceremony that would be taking place a few days from now. However, the Will Smith and Chris Rock fiasco is still a hot topic of contention among the masses. While the Men In Black actor tried to redeem himself with a public apology video, the fans can’t seem to get enough of the slap gate. Furthermore, it seems like Chris Rock is in no mood to forgive or forget the ugly Oscar incident. It might surprise you to know, but the public apology was not the only time Smith tried to seek forgiveness.

Following the slap gate at the 2022 Oscars, Smith became subject to massive criticism and ridicule from around the world. However, the actor left no stone unturned in an attempt to redeem himself. Very recently, a source close to the actor made some interesting revelations about the matter. As reported by PEOPLE, the source revealed that Will Smith apparently tried to reach out to Chris Rock privately.

“He’s tried unsuccessfully to make amends in the best way he could with Chris,” added the source. In continuation, they spoke how Smith leaned on his family, following all the hate and criticism he garnered after the slap gate.


After almost a year since the incident, the source added that the Emancipation actor is doing better. However, Smith is still remorseful the source continued. Meanwhile, it seems like Chris Rock was no mood to let the slap gate incident slide. The comedian recently released a live special, Selective Outrage on Netflix as he took several jibes at the I Am Legend actor, after which sources claim he has moved on from the incident. Ahead of the 2023 Oscars, the host Jimmy Kimmel also had a hilarious reply on what he would if someone tried to slap him on stage.

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Given the publicity Selective Outrage received prior to the live stream, Will Smith probably saw it and heard all the jokes Rock cracked about him and his family, making everyone wonder what his reaction was.

How did Will Smith react to Chris Rock’s comedy special?

Not long ago, when Rock took over the stage for his live special on Netflix, the comedian made some sensitive remarks as well. And, apparently, it did not sit well with the Emancipation star. A source close to the actor revealed how the comments made by Rock about Smith’s family deeply hurt the actor.

Chris Rock and Will Smith
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As per ET online, Smith decided not to tune in for Rock’s Selective Outrage. However, the nears and dears of the actor informed the actor about Rock’s comments.

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