Will Smith Took a Trip Down Memory Lane by Paying a Visit to His Childhood School

Will Smith Took a Trip Down Memory Lane by Paying a Visit to His Childhood School

Will Smith took a trip down memory lane. The actor is known for his sense of humor and being inclusive. He rose from humble beginnings and worked his way up in the entertainment industry. Their hard work proved fruitful, making him one of the most influential icons in the world.

However, the actor was seen crumbling post his Oscar debacle. The 54-year-old’s anger got the better of him. Not only did he upset Chris Rock by slapping him, but he also raised a question about celebrity privilege. The entertainer has been banned from the Academy Awards, as well as criticized by fans and fellow celebrities. But Smith is now trying to come back in the limelight by making public appearances.

What did Will Smith do at his school in West Philadelphia?

Will Smith was all smiles as he visited his childhood school recently. The actor grew up in his hometown of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he did his schooling as well. Overbrook High School got a sweet surprise when their former student showed up unannounced. He mingled with the students and teachers on campus, clicking photos and answering them. After all, the school is also proud to have a student as famous as him.

The I am Legend actor turned up with a videographer to capture him reliving the memories, while also smiling widely with his own yearbook in hand. The Philadelphia School District was more than thankful, as they took on social media to share it. “Thanks for everything Will!” they wrote in a social media post.

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The visit also likely helped him with PR, since his movie Emancipation is coming out. This thriller movie is based on the real life of a slave who escaped. Although the Apple TV production had been stalled for a while after the Oscar incident. Now that Smith is back with the public appearance, the makers are hoping to get public approval with the new release date being set to 9th December. Regardless of his intention, the school visit made everyone happy.

If Will Smith continues this way, he will perhaps win the people’s confidence again, with his apology finally being accepted. What do you think? Comment your thoughts.

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