Will Smith Shows Off His ‘Bruises’ on His Body, Shares Behind the Scenes Photos of His Upcoming Film ‘Emancipation’

Will Smith Shows Off His ‘Bruises’ on His Body, Shares Behind the Scenes Photos of His Upcoming Film ‘Emancipation’

This year has been major for Will Smith. This is not only about his Oscar incident but also his movie Emancipation, which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest movies of this year. The actor went underground for a long time after he was criticized for his award-night actions, but he is slowly starting to come out of his shell through interviews, meets, or social media presence.

The I Am Legend star has worked in a wide variety of roles throughout his career for more than thirty years, perfecting so many different characters. But behind the scenes, what does it take to put a movie or a character together? Smith gave us a sneak peek at it, in his latest Instagram post.

Will Smith shows off his bruises and the artist behind it

Will Smith, who never wanted to work in a slave-themed movie, is leading in the Apple TV+ movie Emancipation. The actor who often keeps in touch through Instagram took to social media again for posting the latest picture. The actor shows off his bruises in the photo, with makeup artist Judy Murdock working on Smith’s body.

His ripped body with bloody injuries gives a very realistic look, which credits to Murdock’s experience. He captioned the photo, “Judy’s done my makeup on almost all my movies, and lemme tell you, she went WILD on Emancipation.” 

The movie revolved around a slave Peter, who is freed from a brutal plantation and has to go through immense struggles on his journey after escaping. It is documented over the real story of Whipped Peter, who was photographed in 1863. So the makeup or injury effect shown in the movie is based a lot on Peter.

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There was a delay in the release since Smith was facing backlash and had his career at risk from the Academy ban. But the Apple TV+ movie is set to release on 9 December, 2022. What did you think of the movie about his realistic makeup? Are you excited to see Will Smith’s Emancipation? Let us know in the comments.

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