Will Smith Once Put His Life in Danger to Perform a Stunt for ‘Men in Black 3′

Will Smith Once Put His Life in Danger to Perform a Stunt for ‘Men in Black 3′

Will Smith has developed quite a reputation for being a tough guy in his 38-year-long career in the industry. He is well known for doing spine-chilling action scenes and nailing them to perfection. Sure he began his career with a comedy TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but later on, found that he carries a huge potential for tough scenes.

One such incident goes back to the year 2011 when the 54-year-old actor was shooting for Men in Black 3. Agent J, played by Smith, needs to make a hasty escape from a party that is taking place on the third floor. He needs to do that in order to catch a target. Apparently, Agent J does not jump directly from the third floor but in intervals and Smith made this jump on his own.

Agent J jumps on a platform on the second floor and then makes a jump to the ground. In the year 2011, Metro reported pictures of Smith taken by XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM actually jumping from the floor without the help of any support.

Surprisingly, the distance between the second-floor platform and the sidewalk was quite a lot, but the Focus actor anyhow did it. Although, he practiced a lot for this scene earlier to get it to perfection. But why did he do it himself?

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The real reason behind Will Smith performing his own stunts

When King Richard signed his first film of the Men in Black franchise in 1997, the director Barry Sonnenfeld expressed his wish for Smith to do his own stunts. The Emancipation actor revealed it himself in a press interview while he was promoting the first part of the franchise.

However, there was not just one jump scene in the film that left the audience’s mouths wide open. There is another jump scene in the film where Agent J jumps from the top of a large building to travel back in time with a jumping device. This scene was a huge hit among the audience.

Later, however, the 54-year-old Academy Award-Winning actor has admitted that his capacity to pull off huge stunts with ease had dwindled over time. He has now moved to do some real-life inspired films like King Richard and Emancipation.

What do you think of Will Smith performing stunts on his own? Would you like to see him more in action-packed roles? Tell us in the comments.

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