Will Smith’s Bad Boys’ Stunt Double Exposed; the Actor Jumps in on the Joke

Will Smith’s Bad Boys’ Stunt Double Exposed; the Actor Jumps in on the Joke

The internet is always watching. In this day and age, one mistake and you are at the mercy of internet trolls, even an actor like Will Smith. They would not mind digging up things from a movie just to poke fun at it. Recently, Smith’s stunt double in a movie got exposed, and the actor has once again become the laughingstock.

Stunt doubles are not the best-kept secret of Hollywood. These people stand in for actors when the scene requires stunts that can prove fatal for the stars. Most Hollywood stars opt for stunt doubles unless, of course, they are Tom Cruise. So did the Men in Black star, but someone from the editing team did not do his job right!

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Will Smith joins in on the joke as Smokey Robinson gets exposed

Daily Loud recently outed Will Smith and his Bad Boys stunt double. Usually, stunt doubles are cast based on the similarity of their physical features with the actors, so that it is easy to shoot certain action scenes from an angle and conceal the stunt double, making it look like the star was doing all the stunts. However, the editing team missed the cut where the stunt double was clearly visible from the car’s window! While the internet is in splits, the actor also decided to laugh at this revelation.

The star was definitely in good spirits as he posted the video on his Instagram. He further added a funny caption: Who gave Smokey Robinson the keys to my Ferrari? In the reel video, the actor fakes embarrassment and says, “I don’t think you always see that!”

Bad Boys director, Michael Bay, also decided to drop in a comment, explaining the situation. He joked that it was his Ferrari, but he needed a professional behind the wheels who would not wreck his car. And Smith’s driving skills are not exactly excellent if a few dents on the car are to be considered.

Before this hilarious revelation, Martin Lawrence and the father of three had confirmed Bad Boys 4. In fact, the Independence Day star missed out on the special performance at the Grammys because of his commitment to the film’s shoot. 

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