Will Smith On Strikingly Opposite Reactions From His Parents When He Ditched MIT For Rap

Will Smith On Strikingly Opposite Reactions From His Parents When He Ditched MIT For Rap

Is there anything that Will Smith hasn’t tried in the industry of Entertainment? From becoming Hollywood’s bankable star to producer to a fantastic rapper he has won millions of hearts. The actor firstly burst on the scene as a rapper receiving four Grammy awards for his remarkable performances. While his music albums hit the US Billboard Hot 100 several times as fans fell in love with his voice. Moreover, the credit for his successful career today is an amazing story that he once shared with his fans. The French Prince spoke of strikingly opposite reactions from his parents when he ditched MIT for Rap. Read on to know the whole story behind Smith entering the world of his dreams.

The parents of Will Smith did not agree with each other on him becoming a rapper 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Will Smith was asked about why he left the opportunity at the prestigious MIT University. As he was given a scholarship for taking the computer engineering course. In his response, the actor said that his heart desired something else. Because he has already released a record and didn’t want to be admitted to MIT.

When he told this to his parents his father gave the most surprising reaction saying: “Let him do what he wants.” Moreover, he added, “He’s not going to be happy if he doesn’t make his own decisions about life.” However, his mother was exactly the opposite as she felt terrified by him choosing an unpredictable passion over a stable career.

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“My mother, meanwhile, was losing it. We even visited the MIT campus, but I was scared of it. It just looked . . . hard!” remarked Smith.

Meanwhile, the actor said it was certainly hard for his mother since rapping wasn’t much of a money-making career at that time. And only a few were famous like Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, and Beastie Boys. Yet Will Smith chose the path and decided to become a rapper only at the age of seventeen. After branching from music to acting now we see him as one of the greatest figures of Hollywood.

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