Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to Spend Thanksgiving With the Actor’s Ex-wife Who Never Gave Jada “time to adjust”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to Spend Thanksgiving With the Actor’s Ex-wife Who Never Gave Jada “time to adjust”

Jada Pinkett Smith has openly talked about her marriage troubles with Will Smith. After a brief courtship, the couple got married in 1997 when Jada was pregnant with Jordan. What she did not realize then was that she was stepping into a very complex family situation. Before tying the knot with Jada, Will was married to Sheree Zampino. They had a son named Trey. And The Independence Day star wanted to have a blended family which created problems between the two wives. 

However, with so many years and Red Table Talks between them, the two have come to a middle ground. So it seems, as they prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving together. 

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Will Smith will celebrate Thanksgiving this year with his two wives and kids 

Sheree recently revealed that the Smiths will all be in attendance at this year’s Thanksgiving. Will Smith, Jada, and Zampino have decided to have a blended celebration this year. Trey, Will’s firstborn, needs both his parents during the holidays and hence the blended celebration. 

We understood that for Trey, he would always want to be with both his parents – so, that’s how/when we decided to do holidays together,” she said. The ex-couple have co-parented Trey ever since they split in 1995. When Jada stepped in as stepmom, she had to adjust to the complicated situation at home. Despite their divorce, neither Sheree nor Trey was left out of the picture. Both came as part of the package. 

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They two were never sisters, despite Jada’s efforts to establish a sisterhood between them. Jada initially had a hard time settling in and she later blamed Zampino for not allowing her to adjust in her household. She was peeved with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star when she walked into the couple’s master bedroom once. However, the two reconciled when Pinkett apologized to her later for her immaturity.

Since all seems well between the two, as they both admitted to no more faking it between them, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to have a happy reunion. What do you think?

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