Will Smith All Set To offer America a Brand New ‘Bad Boys’ Movie in Exchange For its Collective Forgiveness

Will Smith All Set To offer America a Brand New ‘Bad Boys’ Movie in Exchange For its Collective Forgiveness

There have been major landmark incidents that have made 2022 quite eventful. The spectrum also includes some infamous scenarios like the Oscar Slapgate that has made a never-ending impact on the audience forever. It is seemingly unforgettable how the media outraged the Hollywood A-lister, Will Smith, for what he did on stage with the comedian, Chris Rock. Therefore it comes as no surprise that public remarks on the same keep making their way back to the media.

However, the internet has seemingly gotten enough of the entire slap and apology scenario. There needs to be an alternative to leave this behind. The good news is the star has finally got it. After making a remarkable comeback with his movie, Emancipation, the King Richards star is now all set to present his fans with another biggie. All of this is yet another try to keep the Oscar accident in the past once and for all, or so the reports say.

Will Smith makes an official announcement for Bad Boys 4

Manifesting the same, Smith has got another major Bad Boys movie for the people of America in exchange for sealing the past. The fourth installment of the franchise is just the compensation people in the States need and Will Smith knows it. Announcing the same, the star looked all hyped. Fans meanwhile have already started imagining him in his signature fast car fights, crazy quips, and shuddering explosions. 

Will Smith has met all demands of apologizing to the media over and over again with complete honesty and genuineness. However, he has had enough. In a promotional interview for Emancipation with Variety, the star even confessed how he understands if his audience is not yet ready for him to come back. Nonetheless, he knows what is going to get him back to his American fans. 


The star dropped the announcement in a selfie video calling “it’s official you guys!” Bad Boys 4! is happening and listen to your man and fasten up your seatbelts, “cause it’s right about that time!” Although there was no such message for the exchange of collective forgiveness for another blockbuster. Nonetheless, the story does exist. 

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What was your reaction to Will Smith’s announcement of Bad Boys 4? Are you ready for another movie by the star? Let us know in the comments below.

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