“This is me”- Will Smith Leaves the World Laughing as He Mocks Himself in the Most Creative Fashion

“This is me”- Will Smith Leaves the World Laughing as He Mocks Himself in the Most Creative Fashion

LIVING A NIGHTMARE! That’s what 2022 was like for Will Smith when he was scourged by the skeptical eyes of Hollywood. The American superstar left the attendees shocked at the Dolby Theatre, followed by a heated incident. Since many people thought that the two were doing a comic bit. But it turned out that the Bad Boys star actually smacked the night’s host Chris Rock, getting palpably angry at his joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

The infamous incident made huge headlines after the video went viral on social media. Fans were boggled by the news of how this cool and composed man took such a hasty decision. Not to mention how this fiasco strained Smith’s personal and professional life for months. And now when things are back to normal, the Oscar winner leaves the world laughing as he mocks himself in the most creative fashion.

Will Smith hints at past year’s mistakes in a new Instagram post

Will Smith recently shared a video on Instagram with the most hilarious caption “This is me in 2022.” The video showed an ice skater performing in the Aladdin costume falling from the stage. Looking back at the holocaust years of his life, the actor seemed to mock himself.

Fortunately, people have finally started to let the past go and believe that he should be forgiven. For instance, the Tennis legend Serena Williams recently talked about the Oscar incident during her appearance on CBS Mornings. She stated that the Men in Black star should be given a chance for atonement.

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Well, Disney certainly has given that opportunity to the Aladdin star who will reprise his fan-favorite role in the upcoming sequel. Creators are standing beside him in this rough phase and will bring him back into the limelight tells the sources.

“He has done a lot of work on himself and the consensus is that it will all be very much in the past by the time the movie is released,” explained a movie insider. Not just that, Bad Boys 4 has also welcomed Will Smith back to continue his iconic role in the franchise.

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