Why Will Smith Starrer ‘Deadshot’ Movie Was Doomed Even Before the Oscar Slapgate Controversy?

Why Will Smith Starrer ‘Deadshot’ Movie Was Doomed Even Before the Oscar Slapgate Controversy?

There is no doubt that the Oscar slapgate controversy affected Will Smith, but did it affect Deadshot as well? The actor has proved his acting capabilities in the thirty-plus years that he has worked in the industry. He began his career with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and continued on to the big screens. But he succeeded not only in comedy movies but also in drama and action films.

The actor was then speculated to be working for more action films in recent times, including I am Legend 2 and Deadshot. While his movies always came with high anticipation, there were rumors that Deadshot came to a halt as a result of Smith’s Oscar controversy. But that may or may not be the actual case.

Why did Deadshot starring Will Smith get canceled?

Will Smith pretty much took over Suicide Squad with his character Deadshot. While there were discussions about a Deadshot movie to be made, it seemed to come to a halt. One of the most speculated reasons for the halt was Smith’s Oscar slapgate incident. But as per The Illuminerdi, the real reason behind it is something else. Though Smith wanted to reprise his role, he was busy with the shoots of the Disney movie Alladin back then, which is why he was not seen in The Suicide Squad (2021). As for the cancellation of Deadshot, one of the most important reasons could be the production cost.

Smith had just gotten $200 for playing the lead in King Richard as well. With the budget issue and the scheduling problem, the film was already suffering. So the speculation that the slapgate incident led to the movie’s cancelation is not entirely true. But that certainly affected the actor’s fan base with everyone criticizing his actions.

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Smith’s most recent release, Emancipation, did not do nearly as well as it was expected. One of the key factors for the same was the infamous incident. Deadshot revolved around a shooter who is an anti-villain and a professional assassin. His name came from being a perfect shooter who never misses. He is one of the villains in Batman’s world.

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