Fans Take a Dig on ‘Bright 2’ Getting Cancelled, And How Will Smith SLAPGATE Became Netflix’s Scapegoat

Fans Take a Dig on ‘Bright 2’ Getting Cancelled, And How Will Smith SLAPGATE Became Netflix’s Scapegoat

The entire world paused and witnessed a historic event that unfortunately took place at the 94th Academy awards. Yes! The whole Will Smith and Chris Rock slap controversy. The Pursuit of Happyness actor later apologized to the awards committee as well, but that didn’t stop him from having a bad time. A lot of Smith’s movies and series got canceled, and he took time away from the industry for a little while. In the series of events, Netflix also canceled the sequel of his 2017 movie BrightAnd it seemed like people automatically assumed that it was because of the Slap altercation.

However, that was not the case. As we mentioned earlier, Netflix dropped the Bright 2 movie because of the little amount of enthusiasm the subscribers would show had it been released. Hence, it was a rather wise decision on Netflix’s part. Smith later appeared in many popular shows such as David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs no Introduction and more. The fun fact here is, how smoothly some people reckoned the slap controversy to be the crux of it all. Interestingly, 2 months after they canceled the movie, fans still joke about how the entire thing became Netflix’s scapegoat. 

Fans joke about how the cancelation of Will Smith starer Bright 2 boiled down to his slap controversy

Bright sure was a fun attempt to modernize fantasy tropes with cop comedy. Following its debut, Netflix announced a 2nd movie continuing the fantasy arc of the world of orcs, fairies, elves, and humans. But the streaming service later dropped the idea as the David Ayer fantasy flick wouldn’t become a sensation. It was also the time when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for making an inside joke about his wife at the 94th academy awards. Hence, many assumed that to be the reason for dropping off the movie.

Now, as fans look back at the whole scenario, they take a dig at not realizing the fact that Netflix showed a red signal to the sequel because of an entirely different reason and not the slap controversy. But it did somehow help the streaming giant to drop off the movie. Perhaps the OTT platform found its excuse and vaulted at taking the chance. Or perhaps it was always planning to do so. Whatever the reason, we do know that we aren’t getting more of the Bright movie.

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