Why Was ‘Enola Holmes 2’ a Nightmare for ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Millie Bobby Brown?

Why Was ‘Enola Holmes 2’ a Nightmare for ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown is quite often referred to as an acting prodigy and we say it is well deserved. Mastering a complex character such as that of Eleven in Stranger Things at such a young is no easy feat. The eighteen-year-old British actress stepped foot into the movie industry with the sequel of the famous movie franchise Godzilla vs Kong. But it was her portrayal of Sherlock Holmes’ street-smart sister, Enola Holmes, that cemented her position as a rising star in the industry.

Much like Brown’s off-screen personality, both characters are incredibly strong and fierce. When the Duffer brothers cast her as Eleven, they were astounded by the sheer complexity that she could display, and her Enola Holmes co-star, Henry Cavill, also had similar praises for her. And while both the roles brought her immense glory, the actress found herself worried about the Netflix film.

Millie Bobby Brown opens up about her Enola Holmes 2 nightmare

Enola Holmes and Stranger Things are both synonymous with Millie Bobby Brown. The actress had to shoot for the final season of Stranger Things right after Enola Homes 2. The second installment of the mystery film will follow the youngest Holmes on yet another adventure; this one, more thrilling than the last one. Apart from the adventure and the lovely cast, another intriguing aspect of the movie is when Enola narrates her own story. The sequence consists of the character breaking the fourth wall.

While putting forth a wonderful performance was a piece of cake, the actress was scared that she would take one of her character’s habits to the Stranger Things set. During promotions, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that Enola Holmes 2 instilled in her a “deep-rooted fear.”

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The British actress was afraid that she would never be able to stop looking at the camera. “While filming, I had a dream that I was on the set of Stranger Things. And I couldn’t stop looking at the camera,” said Brown, as reported by Today.

The two characters do not have much in common. While Enola loves to give her two cents on everything, Eleven is not much of a speaker, and even when she does, she never looks directly at the camera while doing so. Given her flawless performances over the past seasons, we are sure this won’t be a problem.

What do you think about Brown’s fear? Do you think there was a mix-up between the two characters? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, check her out in Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix when it drops tomorrow.

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