Henry Cavill Compares ‘Enola Holmes’ Millie Bobby Brown to His Brothers for THIS Weird Reason

Henry Cavill Compares ‘Enola Holmes’ Millie Bobby Brown to His Brothers for THIS Weird Reason

The exchange of pleasantries between the British megastars Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown does not end, and neither does their charming brother-sister chemistry. Each time we have witnessed the reel siblings off-screen, we have always got a good deal of laughter and a merry time. This was the exact scenario in their latest interview when both the stars did not get tired of pulling each other’s legs. The duo sat down with GMA on 28th October, last Friday, and both unraveled some interesting facts about each other.

This is not the only interview that filled our hearts. Brown and Cavill give off strong sibling vibes not only in the movies but also in real life. The two of them share some amazing dynamics as witnessed in their interviews together for Enola Holmes promotions, and the Netflix film franchise has got both of them closer than ever. The admiration they behold for each other became clear when Henry shared some similarities between Millie and her real brothers.

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Henry Cavill explains what it feels to have Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock’s sister

When GMA asked his about what it is like to have Millie Bobby Brown as her sister in such a cherished movie, Cavill shared some hilarious yet heartwarming answers. He explains how he hailed from a house of brothers, which attests to how he was so used to noise and making fun of each other. So, when he gets a similar energy from the Stranger Things actress, the Superman actor cannot help but compare her to his brothers. What’s more? He finds there are hardly any difference between Brown and her character in the franchise.

However, Millie had something of her own to add. While discussing how it would feel to be a sister in the Cavill family, Brown added she would prefer being a brother. She further channeled it to explain Enola’s more masculine traits in the show. Having said that, she described how it feels to be a daring woman in early eras to break societal laws and strive forward.

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Enola Holmes 2 is scheduled to reach our screens on the 4th of November. The detective holmes duo is set to unravel the deepest mysteries together. What do you think about Brown being a Cavill sibling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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