Why Thousands of Twittertattis Reacting to Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slap Now Is Absurd Yet Funny

Why Thousands of Twittertattis Reacting to Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slap Now Is Absurd Yet Funny

Akin to how a few months down the road, we look back at a night that at that seemed impossible to get over and laugh it out with our friends, Twittertatis are having the same reaction to the Will Smith Oscar slap. The eventful night that Will Smith climbed on the Oscar stage and slapped his once “good friend” is dated 27/3/2022 on the calendar.


But as we edge closer to the end of 2022 and reflect on the things that happened this year without the high of watching our favorite Hollywood star behave like a thug at THE Oscars, fans are seeing the absurdity of the situation more clearly.

Why is Twitter once again laughing at the Will Smith Oscar slap gate?

The most active place online to confide in, in case your friends are busy, is Twitter. The bluebird is proudly the home to some of the most iconic memes and has been for decades now. And despite most of them not even being close to the Dolby Theatre where the Oscar took place, they all had a wild night.

From creating remixes of Smith’s now most iconic lines “Get my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth” to “me to all my problems” memes, Twitter lit up thanks to Smith’s out-of-line behavior. However, memes were not the only thing that the moment led rise to. There were bans, controversies, and petitions that followed.

Looking back at it now, some Twittertati’s think they may have overreacted. But given how none of us knew that Kanye West’s 2022 new year’s resolution was to stir out gazillion controversies per day, Twittertatis cannot be blamed.

Did Twittertatis make a change?

Following the Oscar slap, many users on Twitter took to unfollowing the actor. They further expressed their disappointment in the Men in Black actor and some even made petitions to ban him. But just like any or many controversies that take place in Hollywood, this one too died down in a few months.

Smith released a public apology video on his YouTube channel, three months after the Oscar slap gate, and spoke in a sullen voice with nervous hands.

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Given the release of Apple TV’s Emancipation, Smith for the most part was forgiven. But the good news for Chris Rock is that Will Smith has been banned from the Academy awards for ten years.

Do you still find the Will Smith oscar slap jokes funny? Let us know in the comments below.

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