Why Playing the “straight man” Is Jason Bateman’s Dirty Secret?

Why Playing the “straight man” Is Jason Bateman’s Dirty Secret?

Hollywood is loaded with many eminent directors and producers that never fail to deliver their audience the best. However, when it comes to TV and network series, there are just a few directors who have left their mark. Out of them all, Jason Bateman has been the most cherished and admired actor-director. However, there is something more than what meets the eye. 

From his fan-favorite Arrested Development to the criminal classic thriller Ozark, all of them have been the big hits of their era. But his co-star in his age-old sitcom has got some dirty and exciting revelations awaiting his fans. Here is what he got to share.

Michael Cera on Jason Bateman and his dirty secrets

Staff from The Guardian who once interviewed the co-star, Michael Cera wrote about Jason Bateman being an absolute terror. Cera almost shrunk into himself, exclaiming about “the things that come out of his mouth…just pure…filth” in aghast. According to him, Jason has himself once humorously affirmed playing the straight man is his dirty secret. The reason is that he gets to be in every scene. 

Usually, the Ozark Kingpin always maintains a neutrally humble visage along with a nonchalant composure. However, his brazenly foul-mouthed and expletive-laden character in the movies almost gets our ears bleeding. Even in his recent megahit as Marty Byrde, our man went from being a simple financial advisor to overtaking the drug lord of a Mexican Cartel. All of it by maintaining the same subtle and humorous etiquette throughout the series. 

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Jason has his own ways of delivering the calmest of dialogues, yet maintains an undercurrent tinge of naughtiness hidden within them. He has his own ways of maintaining the equilibrium of a heated-up scene. Perhaps, that is the reason he has always surrounded himself with worthy actors.

Ever since his Arrested Development and The Outsider skyrocketed in the Television industry, the Emmy winning director has become a brand of his own. He attributed all the credit for his out-of-the-box acting skills to his father. You would be surprised to know that this was where he got it from. As a matter of fact, his father was also a director and producer whose genes have been perfectly reflected in Jason’s works. 

What are your opinions about Jason Bateman and his brilliant acting and directing skills? Stream the crime-drenched thriller blockbuster series Ozark, exclusively on Netflix if you have not already, to relish in his fine acting. 

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