Why Is the Directorial Debut by Jason Bateman ‘Bad Words’ A Must-Watch on Netflix?

Why Is the Directorial Debut by Jason Bateman ‘Bad Words’ A Must-Watch on Netflix?

Jason Bateman is no stranger to Hollywood, especially after his blood-curdling crime-drenched Netflix megahit series, Ozark. The Emmy Award Winner actor and director pulled the show consistently through the biggest success stories of the television and network industry over the last few years. But did you know he had other major must-watch masterpieces directed by himself that still await the viewers? From his debut movies to recent wholesome sitcoms, he has never failed to deliver his audience their expectations. His directional debut, Bad Words, is one such.

Speaking of his directorial debut, the Ozark maestro made some equally marvelous shows back in the days that shaped him to become the eminent director he is today. With unique cinematography and screenplay, Jason plays incredibly cruel and mean-spirited, and yet somehow manages to make his character much more enjoyable to watch on screen. On the direction front, without his touch, this movie could have been a lot blander. He perfectly balanced the script’s themes, which Andrew Dodge wrote. Although it is structurally a little bland, the dialogue is often genius.

What makes the first directed movie by Jason Bateman stand out of the box?

Apart from Jason Bateman, the movie succeeds because of Rohan Chand, the little Indian child actor. He brings in the perfect sweet to Jason Bateman’s sour without taking it too far. Bateman stars as the 40-year-old maladapted misanthropic proofreader named Guy Trilby, who muscles his way into a prestigious spell bee because he has a score to settle.

He is the smartest man alive in the room, and the deadpan humor serves him extremely well to become a likable douche. However, as the movie wears on, the viewers get to know the unforeseen darker sides of it. As Trilby, Jason discovers the loophole in the golden quill stipulations where participants can not have graduated past the eighth grade.

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Despite all the hilarious back-and-forth rapid fire of cuss words now and then, there is still a heart to latch on to it, and Jason brings it out quite perfectly. It delivers a message about how you can give way to yourself to be your person based on who you are and the choices that you make despite your tumultuous family background.

Initially, Jason receives a lot of hate, but as soon as the barriers fall, you will empathize with him. Besides, he is only amplified and supported by some of the great actors like Katherine Hahn, Philip Baker, and others.

The movie is currently available on Netflix. Watch it and let us know if you liked it.

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