Why Did Kanye West Contact LVMH’s Youngest Chief Executive Alexandre Arnault?

Why Did Kanye West Contact LVMH’s Youngest Chief Executive Alexandre Arnault?

Kanye West is taking genuine efforts to mend relations by asking for help from Alexandre Arnault. The artist has some big and influential friends/ connections like Elon Musk. But he is not afraid to make enemies as well. Thanks to his brutally honest way of expressing ways, be it through his interviews, social media, or songs. This also brings him under constant scrutiny but that does stop the rapper from doing what he wants.

West, who is also a designer, has close relations in the fashion industry. Especially since he was married to socialite Kim Kardashian. The actor was a close and old friend of Louis Vuitton’s artistic head Virgil Abloh. Whose death from cancer last year caused a very personal loss of Kanye. And the latter sure had some people to blame for his friend’s death.

Kanye West is trying to seek help from Alexandre Arnault

Kanye West who is known for starting feuds through wild social media mentioned Virgil Abloh in a post. West is now trying to amends with the LMVH CEO by taking the help of his son Alexandre Arnault. The Gold Digger signer apparently texted Alexandre, “Seems like me and your dad should have a meeting” also asking him to keep out of it.

But the post that began all this included the lines, “Like how late the show was, or how Bernard Arnault killed my best friend”. The post was criticized by Emory but Ye continued to write another post that stated that Bernard was sending his people against Kanye.

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All the drama unfolded after Kanye West wore a ‘White Lives Matter Tshirt’ at the Yeezy Season 9 fashion show, which drew criticism from several people including Jaden Smith, Gigi Hadid, and Gabriella Johnson. Looks like the drama is only getting bigger and more people are adding on to oppose Ye for his choice of clothing. Meanwhile, whether the LMVH CEO replies or not, is yet to be seen. Do you think Kanye West will get a response from Bernard Arnault? Let us know in the comments below.

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