Why Did Dana Sue and Ronnie Break Up in Sweet Magnolias?

Why Did Dana Sue and Ronnie Break Up in Sweet Magnolias?

Based on the novel An Imprint of Harlequin by Sheryl Woods, book readers are aware of many things other viewers of Sweet Magnolias might not know. One such aspect is knowing why Dana Sue and her estranged husband Ronnie broke up. Find here all you need to know about their back story.

Why did Dana Sue and Ronnie break up?

For most of season 1 of Sweet Magnolias, we haven’t seen Ronnie. Even as we reach the end of the Netflix Original, all the viewers knew about was that Ronnie did some things Dana Sue hadn’t forgiven him for.

However, as he makes a grand return in season 2, we know that things would drastically change. Ronnie clearly had a large role to play, something viewers had seen coming from the finale of the previous season itself.

As expected, Ronnie tries to win back the affections of Dana Sue. But, of course, to no avail. Again, we get nowhere close to knowing anything significant about the couple until the season reaches the end. It is during episode nine that the creators reveal the reason why Dana Sue and Ronnie went through a break-up.

Ronnie had a problem with alcohol addiction that eventually got the better of him. He ended up being unfaithful to Dana Sue by cheating on her under the influence of the same.

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What’s in store for the couple?

Now knowing the answer as to why did Ronnie and Dana Sue break up, viewers might be wondering what is in store for them. Ronnie clearly has shown that he is a changed man. It all comes down to whether Dana Sue has forgiven him and is ready to accept him back.

By the season 2 finale of Sweet Magnolias, Dana Sue and Ronnie are back together. The series is known for showing many different dynamics of relationships that we don’t usually come across in mainstream pop culture. One such example is this relationship. While we usually see things ending between couples as a result of infidelity or alcoholism, Sweet Magnolias brings to life another perspective. This one shows us that people truly can change for the better. The problems a person has gone through like Dana Sue did, can be forgiven and moved past if you’re willing to.

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For more such incredibly unique takes on relationships and familial ties of all forms, stream Sweet Magnolias, only on Netflix!

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