Why did Apple Lose Jason Bateman and Chris Evans From ‘Project Artemis’, The Space Race Saga?

Why did Apple Lose Jason Bateman and Chris Evans From ‘Project Artemis’, The Space Race Saga?

A successful project reflects the coordinated efforts put into the work of the entire cast and crew. However, conflicts too, are common in a profession such as filmmaking and cinematography. Similar is what happened in the upcoming Apple space saga that was supposed to be directed by Ozark mastermind Jason Bateman and starring Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. However, there have been massive changes seen from both the cast and crew side.

Apple gave the above-mentioned news earlier this year in the month of March. The big feature film package named Project Artemis has a whopping budget of $100 million plus had some big names associated with it from the Industry. Unfortunately, they have called off the supposed reunion of the Avengers along with Emmy-winning director Jason. Read further to know what happened.

Jason Bateman and Chris Evans part ways with the movie

There had been some disheartening course of events that led the filmmakers to take such a step. As per Deadline, Jason Bateman has given up the director’s seat for the movie due to massive “creative differences”. The film producer, who is Johansson herself with Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynn, and the supposed film director, Jason, have mutually parted ways as they did not run lines through some important matters of the project.

Following this disheartening news was the one confirming the replacement of Chris Evans, who was to play the lead role. The star who has achieved tremendous fame for his iconic role in the MCU as Captain America is no more a part of the movie. Reasons stated his shoot timings clashed with his other two upcoming movies, Pain Hustlers and Big Red One

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Greg Berlanti is now going to direct the feature film in place of Bateman. Known as The Flash producer, the American screenwriter Berlanti is anticipated to keep up the expectations with his decade-long glorious career in the film industry. In place of Chris Evans, the film now has Channing Tatum. The Magic Mike star is reportedly going to play alongside Johansson in depicting the NASA project Artemis

There have been no further updates about the plot of the movie. The team has remained quite tight-lipped about the same as of now. What do you think abou Evans and Bateman’s exit from the film? Do you think this will have an effect on the final product? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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