Why Beauty Experts are Fed-up With Millie Bobby Brown, Brad Pitt, and Other Celebrities For Exploiting Skin-care?

Why Beauty Experts are Fed-up With Millie Bobby Brown, Brad Pitt, and Other Celebrities For Exploiting Skin-care?

Celebrities all across the globe have been a powerful force for change within Hollywood for years. However, there already exist numerous other industries and brands to take care of it. Meanwhile, numerous stars like Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, and Brad Pitt, have started their own line of skincare. As anticipated, this has become a cause of concern among other prior brands that have been in the game for ages.

Millie’s Florence by Mills is a flourishing business in present times. The actor who became the sole owner of the brand has launched various beauty products for skin of all ages. Similarly, Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt announced his own expensive line of potential skin care businesses that did not run lines with the beauty experts. Here is what they had to say. 

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Beauty experts are fed up with actors like Millie Bobby Brown profiting from the skincare business

First of all, experts found it difficult to believe that Brad Pitt, who ages like fine wine, is one of the players. As the Washington Post writeup reads, it has not been a month since the star launched his “genderless collection” named Le Domaine. No sooner did the skin care professionals come out of the first shock, than they heard about Travis Barker building up another. 

The Blink-182 Drummer has launched his own “pricey” skin-care brand under the name, Barker Wellness. This came as another major shock as the Beauty Independent editor stated, “It was a one-two punch.” She also mentioned that such unanticipated sudden competition in their profession sent her and a lot of people she knew into a tailspin. 

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The straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Awa, who believes celebrities should stop creating beauty brands just because it fetches them an extra edge among their audience. They further elaborated that if it were for a noble cause, collaborating with existing brands would have actually benefited both ends.

What do you think about the aforementioned debate? Whose skin-care products would you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments below.  

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