“Self promotion is too good”- When Millie Bobby Brown Faced a ‘calling out’ From Her Own Sister

“Self promotion is too good”- When Millie Bobby Brown Faced a ‘calling out’ From Her Own Sister

Millie Bobby Brown and her unmatched taste of humor have always been the talk of the town. There have hardly been any actors who could give her a tough edge. However, as legends have it, our younger versions are always one step ahead of us. Similar is what happened with Millie as her younger sister, Ava gave her a good laugh with a witty comment.

On a YouTube short, Millie and Ava had some quick, short humorous remarks which left the actress giggling over it. The video evidently showed the witty younger sister outsmarting Millie before the camera.

Millie Bobby Brown ends up giggling as her younger sister calls her out before fans

We are all aware of Millie’s inclination towards make-up and skincare. The Stranger Things superstar was once flaunting her ways to top up her gorgeous face with her own beauty products. As she applied a beauty product for her audience in a make-up tutorial, Millie’s younger sister from the background added on to say, “self-promotion is a good thing,” on YouTube.

She directly called out Millie in a humorous way that she herself could not help but burst into laughter. The short segment ended up with Brown showing off her brand’s new beauty products from Florence by Mills. The 18-year-old British A-lister owns a cosmetic brand all to herself. She has been the legitimate founder of the brand and has launched various skin care and facial products which often keep appearing on our feeds.

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Ava Brown was born in England and shares a nine-year gap with her elder sibling, Millie. Reportedly, she is still in her school and has no intention of stepping into Hollywood as of now. However, the little star is quite famous on her social media handles. Her Instagram flaunts her numerous pictures with Millie on various occasions. She also rose to immense fame and glory due to Millie’s enormous stardom.

What do you think of the Brown Sisters? Have you checked Ava’s Instagram yet? What are your opinions on Millie’s brand? Ever tried to get your hands on them? Do let us know in the comments below.

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