Who Wrote the Power of the Dog? Does the Film Resemble the Novel?

Who Wrote the Power of the Dog? Does the Film Resemble the Novel?

With the massive influence of the heart-wrenching tale of the rancher Phil, The Power Of Dog knows the exact definition of the word ‘success’. Thomas Savage wrote and published The Power of The Dog in 1967 and the 2021 movie is an adaptation of the same.

The over-the-top cinematography, action, and drama make it too good to be true. Moreover, Benedict Cumberbatch always has a way with his fans. Along with his co-stars Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, and Kodi Smit-McPhee, they added soul to the script with their exceptional acting.

A movie that does justice to its raw and vigorous title

The Power Of The Dog revolves around a wealthy rancher- Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his brother George, who falls in love with a widow and marries her. After losing his precious brother to the widow-Rose and her son Peter, a furious Phil torments Rose, eventually turning her alcoholic.

When Rose finds her son developing a friendly yet strange relationship with the very man she loathes, her alcohol addiction gets worse. Phil reveals that he is gay too, and the two get closer yet. Phil offers to help Peter one day, and that turns out to be the reason for his death.

While everyone attends Phil’s funeral, Peter just stands at his window and watches the scene. Instead of participating, he stays in his room and reads Psalm 22:20: “Deliver my soul from the sword, my darling from the power of the dog.” The curtains drop after showing how Rose finally recovered and got better after the death of Phil, leaving the audience with a ton of despair.

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Thomas Savage, the man who wrote the Power of the Dog

Thomas Savage is the man behind The Power of the Dog, inarguably one of the finest movies of 2021. The book and, by extension, the movie on Netflix are semi-autobiographical. Much like Peter, Savage grew up on a ranch. Though he moved to urban areas in his 20s, most of his childhood was spent trying to fit in with people at a ranch. Savage was homeschooled and when people around him realized that this wasn’t the life for him, he was sent away for education.

Thomas Savage’s teenage years were the most formative ones of his life, as is evident from the 13 novels he wrote. Though there is no confirmed evidence of the events and their credibility, we can hint that Savage put himself on paper when he wrote the character of Peter. The character is a frail young boy who struggles with fitting in. He shares no common interests with the people surrounding him, as did Savage. The personal touch adds complexity and vulnerability to the plot, making it even more compelling.

Was it semi-autobiographical? What do you think?

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