The Power of the Dog Sequel – How Can the Netflix Film Continue?

The Power of the Dog Sequel – How Can the Netflix Film Continue?

They say too much of anything is good for nothing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with westerns on Netflix. “The Harder They Fall” came with an all-Black cast and now we have The Power of the Dog. Fans enjoyed the movie, so much so that they are already demanding a sequel to The Power of the Dog.

With the kind of reception that the movie got at the Venice Film Festival, it would have been a shame to see it fail in front of an audience. However, the movie performed to its potential and justified its hype.

What clicked for The Power of the Dog?

The movie focuses on Phil and his brother George, who work at a ranch in Montana. The brothers already have a complex relationship, with Phil only respecting alphas like himself. Things go south when George marries Rose, who moves in with her son Peter.


The cast, director, and source material combined beautifully to create this masterpiece. So, it isn’t one specific thing that stole the other’s spotlight. Brace yourselves for the spoilers ahead as we look at the potential sequel to The Power of the Dog.

The subtle ending

Not everyone caught what happened in the end, as everything went down in a blink of an eye. For the ones who missed it, Phil dies from anthrax. Now, you might wonder how did Phil die from anthrax? Wait for it… Peter had planned it all.

When Peter finds a carcass, he uses his knowledge of anthrax to give Phil a contaminated rawhide, which spreads through Phil’s cutup hands. And if you think about it closely, he had all the reasons to do so as Phil’s constant taunts to Rose affect Peter, who acted on his basic instinct to protect his mother.

Could there be a sequel to The Power of the Dog?

Jane Campion adapted this movie from Thomas Savage’s 1967 novel of the same name. Although the original book doesn’t have a sequel, we have seen sequels to films and series with no source material.

“A lot of us have that question. Norman Bates, possibly, in “Psycho”?” Kodi Smit-McPhee answered when asked about Peter in the next 10 years. Thus, fans can hope for a sequel. Perhaps if Netflix orders one, we get a full descent of Peter into madness.

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