Who Is the ‘Chosen’ Star Malaika Mosendane? Know Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Shows & Movies, and More

Who Is the ‘Chosen’ Star Malaika Mosendane? Know Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Shows & Movies, and More

Netflix continues to create an impressive collection of international series and films. A recent addition to the library is Danish series, Chosen, and we can assure you this show will definitely hook you up. The sci-fi show revolves around  Emma, played by Malaika Berenth Mosendane, who differs from others in this small Danish town. Malaika Mosendane in Chosen captured viewer interest with her stellar performance. Naturally, fans are curious to learn more about the actress. So, let’s explore more about the Chosen actress.

Malaika Mosendane Age

Malaika was born and bought up in Canada. She is fairly new to the industry and we have no way of knowing actual age. However, our estimation is between 17 and 20 years. In the show, she plays the role of a 17-year-old girl, and she perfectly handled the role with a charismatic persona. She has gorgeous black hair and eyes, which perfectly suit her character and help her to stand out from others.

Malaika’s net worth

The Chosen actress, being new, doesn’t have a declared net worth. However, since she had started her acting career pretty early, show could have a sizeable net worth for a beginner in the industry. Since she is at the beginning stages of her career, she will likely earn more projects going forward.

Malaika Mosendane partner: does she have a boyfriend?

Since Malaika Mosendane in Chosen impressed viewers, fan are curious to know if she is in a relationship or not, or whether she is married or unmarried.

Malaika Berenth is unmarried, and she is very young. Her personal life is a pretty hot topic since the show’s release. It has been rumored that she has been dating her close friend, Benjamin Svane. We can see several of their pictures together on social media platforms. But Malaika never confirms this relationship, so we can assume that Benjamin Svane and Malaika are just good friends. Moreover, since the actress is young, it is best to let her confirm her relationship status.

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Her career

Malaika is an amazing entertainer. She has received a lot of positive reviews for her role in Chosen as Emma. This is her first time working with Netflix. Before that, she was part of works like Thriller Meat and The Sommerdahl Murders. Her coming projects are still unknown but we are quite sure she has a bright future ahead.

From what we can gather, Malaik Mosendane seems like an rising Danish star to keep eyes on for stunning performances. What are your thoughts on the young actress? Comments down below.

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