Who Is Audrey Holcomb Portraying Eden in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Who Is Audrey Holcomb Portraying Eden in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4? Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Stranger Things season 4 out with a lot of twists and surprises for their viewers. It also introduced us to the new cast members. Audrey Holcomb, who plays the older sister of Suzie Bingham, Eden Bingham, is one of the many newly introduced characters in this season. Who is Audrey Holcomb after all? What else do we know about her? Have we seen her before? Let us find the answers to these questions.

Eden in Stranger Things

Audrey Holcomb recently appeared in the 4th season of Stranger Things as Eden Bingham in episode 6 (The Dive). Suzie Bingham, who was Dustin’s girlfriend in season 3, is good at hacking, and therefore, the Scooby gang from California is looking for her. When the gang comes into contact with Eden, we see her babysitting her disorganized family. She also developed some feelings for Argyle because of which we see her smoking weed with him in the episode.

Even though she didn’t appear for a longer period than others on screen, she established her presence. But what else do we know about her?

Who really Audrey Holcomb is?

Although she plays the older sister, Audrey Holcomb is not that older. Born on 7th July 2000, Audrey is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked in short films, shows, and short movies before Stranger Things. 3 Minutes, Scary Story, Junior Guards, Musical Hearts, etc., are some of the famous short films that Audrey has worked on.

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She is reportedly going to star in a movie named American Cherry, which is going to be released in 2023. Not much is known about the movie except that it follows the story of a teenage girl, who must navigate her freedom and personal identity within a fractured, flawed family.

Obviously, she’s a rising star and we are curious about what she is like? What does she like and whatnot? Well, from her Instagram profile, we can see that she is simple, yet elegant. She seems calm yet spontaneous. She has also posted about her excitement for Stranger Things. Here, take a look.

It seems that it doesn’t matter if the character appears on screen for longer. If the character has an appealing personality and acting skills, they can draw the attention of the viewers just like Audrey as Eden did. We would love to know what do you think about her? Did Eden attract you too?

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    When I saw Audrey in Stranger Things, she totally reminded me of a young Ally Sheedy. It made me feel nostalgic for the 80s. I think that’s what the show was trying to do.

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