Sadie Sink Is Not a Charmer Only On-Screen, Her Giggle Fits and Real Life Outtakes Are Full of Life and Humor

Sadie Sink Is Not a Charmer Only On-Screen, Her Giggle Fits and Real Life Outtakes Are Full of Life and Humor

Everybody is talking about the latest release of Stranger Things 4. We are happy to see our favorite characters back on screen. But did you know they are a lot more fun and humorous off-screen as well? Well, we aren’t surprised but certainly happy to watch more Stranger Things content until July comes by. But what really makes us happy is seeing one of our favorites, Sadie Sink, being playful in the outtakes. Curious enough? Let’s go!

Sadie Sink Stranger Things BTS

As much as we love Max Mayfield throughout the series, who is a little serious and intense, Sadie seems the opposite of the character. In a blooper video from the first few seasons, Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink amuse us with their unscripted song about their costumes in one of the scenes.

It is obvious to forget some lines while shooting, and Sadie is also guilty of that. While filming intense scenes, forgetting a line leaves Sadie giggling. Not only while filming scenes, but Sadie is also the funniest while she’s around the cast chilling or doing anything other than shooting.

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She became famous for her funny side during the Stranger Things kids’ holiday celebration in 2019, where all the cast members were packing gifts for their fans around the world. Her ability to wrap gifts skillfully impressed the cast members as well. There also she shares some hilarious moments with her friends.

More about Sadie’s giggly side

Sadie Sink can certainly keep things relaxed and light while filming intensely scary scenes. While filming Fear Street Part Two: 1978, where she portrays Ziggy Berman, she could create a light atmosphere with her charm and naturally funny vibes. For one of the scenes in the movie, they had to shoot at night and it was raining heavily. She snaps out of the character as soon as she heard the lightning and started giggling.

She almost got close to the fire while filming the movie. In one scene, where she is tied to the branches of the trees and tries to break free, the other character is trying to scare her. While filming that scene, she couldn’t handle the lighter, and Sadie got actually scared a bit and then burst into laughter.

Likewise, in another scene, she had to film in front of a real snake. Although it was slightly scary, she managed to make the room less intense and brought the Sadie giggle. Apart from the sets, her TikTok and Instagram feed features several humorous clips fom her real life.

While we are looking forward to seeing what is next for Sadie in the series and in her life ahead, these moments from behind the scenes made it impossible for her fans not to fall for her all over again.

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