Who Does Emily End Up With in Emily in Paris?

Who Does Emily End Up With in Emily in Paris?

One of the most awaited plotlines of Emily in Paris is Emily’s relationship with Gabriel. The two had been playing fiddlesticks the first entire season of the show. After Gabrial broke up with Camille and shared a romantic time with Emily at the end of season 1, fans expected their story to be much less complicated in season 2. But, as fans would know by now, that certainly wasn’t the case. If anything, things got messier as the love triangle turned into a weird polygon with numerous untied strings. So the question remains- who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris?

Quoting Catherine Pulsifer and middle-aged Facebook moms- “life presents many choices- the choices we make determine our future.” As for Emily, she is stuck between the choice to pursue Gabriel, who she loves but cannot be with, and end up with Alfie, with whom things are never complicated. Here’s a video of the cast talking about their personal preferences:

While the cast of the Netflix series has talked about who they prefer, who does Emily actually end up with in Emily in Paris?

How did Emily find herself in this situation?

Right from the very beginning, Emily and Gabriel never quite had a fighting chance. Not only was Gabriel already in a relationship, but the woman he was in a relationship with was also Emily’s close friend Camille. As many dumb decisions she might have made in season 2, she genuinely was a great friend to the protagonist in season 1. Add to that the fact Gabriel and Emily both had to leave Paris, and you have a Shakespearean tale of tragic love.

When Gabriel broke up with Camille and stayed in Paris thanks to Antoine, fans expected the two to have it smooth from then. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so. We find out in season 2 that Camille is still in the dark about Gabriel and Emily and finds out in a rather dreadful manner. By the end of season 2, Gabriel is back with Camille after having pursued Emily for the entire season.

As for Alfie, he and Emily might have stared out on the wrong foot, but the two hit it off soon. He offers Emily the security she has been craving and not receiving from Gabriel. Also, unlike Gabriel, Alfie is completely free of complications. The issue with Alfie lies not on his end, but on Emily’s as she struggles with her feelings for Gabriel.

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Do we know who does Emily end p with in Emily in Paris?

So, who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris season 3? On one hand, there is Gabriel, a person Emily is in love with, but to no end. On the other is Alfie, with whom happiness, albeit limited, is a guaranteed option. Showrunner Darren Star has said that viewers shouldn’t “write off” Alfie just yet.

While we’re not sure who the main character of the Netflix Original ends up with, fans know for certain that Emily will shortly make the choice between Gabriel and Alfie very soon.

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