Bolder and Brighter – Emily in Paris Costume Designer and Her Choice for Season 2

Bolder and Brighter – Emily in Paris Costume Designer and Her Choice for Season 2

Emily in Paris is back with another season of fun and Parisian adventures. Unlike last season, when she was trying to fit in, Emily is more authentic this season. The character has managed to earn Sylvie’s respect. As weird as it is to think about, her life at work is actually going pretty great. One thing that the creators have enhanced from season one is her clothing. Here is what costume designer Marylin Fitoussi and Emmy award-winning consulting costume designer Patricia Field had to say about the costumes Emily wears in season deux of her adventures in Paris.

From the eccentric bucket hat to the loud colored dresses, Emily’s fashion couldn’t impress everyone. But, it did leave an impression- which is exactly what Field and Marylin were going for. Viewers who found Emily’s style too flashy or bold in season 1 will find that it has been intensified in season 2.

How have Field and costume designer Fitoussi revamped for season 2 of Emily in Paris?

Too much good taste is boring,” says Emily in Paris costume designer Marylin Fitoussi. The titular character of the Netflix Original has a strong and lively personality, something the costume designers wanted to make apparent from her clothing. She doesn’t try to fit or blend in. Emily tries to make the best out of the situation she is in while making herself stand out.

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The costume designers had the pressure to be authentic to Emily. Adding to that was the need to bring something different to the screens. They had to make sure viewers did not get bored with the same old looks or the too-loud-for-a-day-at-work outfits. Fans of Emily in Paris needed to be shocked again and again. But that had to be done in a manner that didn’t make fans feel like it was getting out of hand. In simpler words, the costume designers of the series on Netflix were aiming for looks that were very much Emily, while still being new. And considering the reviews the team has received, this went well.

Another aspect of the show that deserves appreciation is the fact that Emily in Paris costume designer Marylin Fitoussi encourages upcycling and recycling. She has contacts all over Paris who offer her vintage clothes. Costume designer Fitoussi has taken it upon herself to make the fashions and looks of Emily in Paris more accessible. Not everyone can afford couture pieces from Dior or Balmain, hence, she has put in outfits fans can find at H&M and Zara.

Do you prefer costumes from season 1 or 2 of Emily in Paris?

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