INSIDE LOOK: The Fashion and Emily’s Wardrobe in Emily in Paris Season 2

INSIDE LOOK: The Fashion and Emily’s Wardrobe in Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris is a must-watch for everyone interested in fashion. Though the plot isn’t anything serious, the looks she dons through the course of the series will definitely draw in people who are into fashion. The series is basically a light-hearted version of The Devil Wears Prada. Here is an interview featuring actress Lily Collins and the designers of the show talking about how much Emily’s wardrobe has changed in season 2 of Emily in Paris.

Why Emily’s outfits are so important?

Emily’s wardrobe says a lot about her as a person. From the bold colors to the loud ruffles, it all screams Emily from Chicago. The character of the Netflix series wears outfits such as the chunky multicolored sweater she wore to Camille’s chateau, and fans love that!

Season 2 was challenging for the creators of Emily in Paris. They had to deal with ensuring that her outfits change but still stay true to her roots. She needed to have a Parisian flair in terms of her entire personality. Including her language and wardrobe, but she still needed to stay Emily Cooper from Chicago, a woman too eccentric to just blend in.

Many a fan considered Emily’s wardrobe to be too “quirky” or unrealistically bold for a person in a working environment. But, hey, the show was made for people in their late teens, a time in life when everyone just wants to blend in.

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So, is it Emily from Chicago or Emily in Paris?

Will the character continue to dress in a manner that is bold, unique, and American as she did in Chicago? Or will she turn to more subtle and mature looks like the Parisians? The answer is both.

The costume designers of the Netflix Original did keep it generic and, well, believable with characters like Camille and Sylvie. They both wear outfits that any fashionable Parisian woman would absolutely adore. With Emily, they wanted the character’s loud personality to be apparent by her looks.

Hence, season 2 of Emily in Paris will have all that is unique to Emily, like the bold colors in her outfits. But the creators have made recent additions like the finger-cut gloves. They took everything that was unique about Parisian fashion and sorted out the ones that a person who likes to stand out the most would wear.

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