Which ‘Stranger Things’ Now Dead character Deserved to Live Longer?

Which ‘Stranger Things’ Now Dead character Deserved to Live Longer?

No matter how crucial the scenes, Stranger Things’ characters have had our hearts. May it be the tyrant of menace or the sweetest of human beings, we’ve always had a soft corner for each of them. From the beginning of the show, the series has ripped off our hearts time and again by smacking us with some sudden deaths. In this article, we bring to you some of the genuinely loved characters that deserved to live a little longer.

Six Stranger Things’ characters that were hard to bid a goodbye

Going season-wise, Barb was one such character. She was the epitome of a true friend guiding her easily deviating best friend Nancy all the while she was alive. Although just as a side character, Barb played a major role in channelizing the Hawkins gang into the correct way to understand the bizarre state of affairs. She didn’t deserve to depart from the team so early.

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Next would come our beloved “Bob the Superhero.” It’s better if not talked about. He was perhaps the one such character in the show who died for absolutely no reason. One of the entire cast that was too good to be true. An accident that wrecked our souls, we were certainly not hoping to see one of the best supportive characters die such a treacherous death. He had to be there as a superhero with the gang.

Following Bob’s death, was the much-anticipated death of Billy. Owing to his disgraceful and ill-tempered persona towards the other members, it was highly expected that things would go south for him. But not when the character was trying to grow and get his mess together. His sacrifice for saving El’s life instantly changed everything about him. Billy needed at least one last chance to get his mess together for the sake of humanity.

It is impossible to get over the brutal deaths in volume 2

In the third season, it was Alec Utgoff’s death that made us weep. Being a purely innocent human giving way to the Americans against his own country, his death was the least expected of all. The recurring character who helped out our superheroic adults in the show, it was difficult to see the last ray of hope go off so quickly.

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In the second volume, it’s none other than Chrissy Cunningham’s death followed by the heartbreaking death of our beloved, the most cherished, the most metal character ever, Eddie Munson. Saving the former would have also saved Eddie. And the high school freak metalhead with a golden heart who goes around adopting freshers, definitely left our hearts sliced into two. We still mourn over the loss of Eddie and we forever will. There’s no going back.

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