From The Insufferable Freak to Everyone’s Hero, Here’s The Evolution of Eddie Munson in ‘Stranger Things’

From The Insufferable Freak to Everyone’s Hero, Here’s The Evolution of Eddie Munson in ‘Stranger Things’

The most beautiful journey one can ever set for themselves is the journey of redemption. Sure, it takes courage, self-realization, self-acceptance, and will to evolve ourselves as better people. But the result, the journey’s final hour, is so satisfactory that everything feels worth giving a shot. All the torment and continuous struggles transcend into a happy ending. Well, if not a considerate ending for our companions and loved ones, we sure become proud of our existence. It feels like we have found a purpose in our lives, and fulfilled it with flying colors. And who could be a better example of this than Eddie Munson of Stranger Things?

The entire world is aware of the legend of Eddie Munson, the Metalhead and a freak who transformed into the kindest person ever in the history of this sinister series. Seems like his very first visit to the Upside-Down gave him the sole purpose of his life. Not just fans, the actor, Joseph Quinn himself, is too proud of Eddie’s character arc.

The journey of Eddie Munson as narrated by Joseph Quinn will leave you in tears

In a YouTube video uploaded by Still Watching NetflixQuinn himself takes us on the journey of his character Eddie Munson in the Netflix sensation Stranger Things. Notably, the actor also believes that a true hero is someone who is selfless. He says, “I think serving the idea, doing something that will not benefit you, that’s heroic.” Joseph Quinn is indeed the hero the people of Hawkins needed to cast off Vecna. His self-sacrificing nature also made us believe that he could be the one who will erase the existence of Vecna. 

Quinn, who used to do all sorts of “unethical” works, from being a bully at Hawkins high to selling drugs to Chrissy, has truly set an example for us towards the ending of Stranger Things Season 4. He shows a way to seize the needed weapons and plays the best rock music we had ever had in the series to distract Vecna’s minions. Even when that doesn’t work, he decides to sacrifice himself and overcome his fears. In his final hours (or not), he asks Henderson, “I didn’t run away this time, right?”

Even on his doomsday, he was worried about his little sheep and not himself; this showcases his selfless nature and a beautiful journey of redemption. And hands down, we salute the Brothers for creating such a beautiful character in the series.

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