Where Will You Find Andrew Garfield While He Takes a Break From His Acting Career? What Is “Ordinary”?

Where Will You Find Andrew Garfield While He Takes a Break From His Acting Career? What Is “Ordinary”?

Andrew Garfield was already winning our hearts with his effortless performances in films like tick, tick… BOOM! and Hacksaw Ridge. But the actor surprised his fans all over the world today after announcing his hiatus from acting. Fans are left devasted that they won’t be seeing any new Andrew Garfield hairstyle for the foreseeable future. However, the actor has an outstanding body of work that fans can enjoy while the Spider-Man star enjoys his “ordinary” life.

Andrew Garfield movies on Netflix

While talking about this FX’s limited series, Under the Banner of Heaven, tick, tick…BOOM! actor, Andrew Garfield made the announcement that he has had enough of the celebrity life and just wants to “rest.”

The actor continued talking about how he wanted to reconsider his roles and think about what he wanted to do next. And for the time being, “need to just be a bit ordinary for a while.”

So now that the actor will be gone for a while and you’re still wondering where you can see the best of Andrew’s films, the answer is none other than Netflix. Netflix has some of the best films of, Andrew.

And we don’t just mean the highly acclaimed Netflix Original tick, tick… BOOM! for which Andrew so rightly deserved an Oscar. But Netflix also has other rather underrated movies that one can watch while missing the The Amazing Spider-Man actor.

Among some of the best films of Andrew’s that Netflix has include The Social Network and Silence. Andrew worked with two of the most incredible directors in these two films.

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For The Social Network, Andrew worked with none other than Mank director David Fincher, and for Silence, the great Martin Scorsese directed him.

Both of these films show how versatile Garfield is, and his acting range knows no bounds. But if you want something less serious than the two, Netflix gladly has to offer The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Where will he be?

As soon as the news of Andrew’s break came out, fans of the actor were curious to know where he would spend his “ordinary” time. As the information is still fresh and Andrew purposely wants to remain out of the public eye, it seems improbable that he will announce where he will spend his “me time.”

Andrew currently lives in New York City, but he might also go to the UK, where he spent his childhood, to remain away from the paparazzi.

Andrew Russell Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California, to Lynn (Hillman), a British-born mother, and Richard Garfield, an American-born father. He relocated to Surrey, England, with his parents and elder brother when he was three years old. Andrew grew up in a Jewish household. He attended the City of London Freemen’s Institution, a private school.

Will you be watching his films on Netflix while the actor takes a break? We are just about ready with our popcorn and blankie.

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