When Will Smith Clarified Jada Pinkett’s Story of Him Asking Strangers for Money

When Will Smith Clarified Jada Pinkett’s Story of Him Asking Strangers for Money

Will Smith and his legacy of unpredictable activities are not unknown to this world. His sudden actions for whatever reason have always been either hilarious or dead serious, all of which went down in the pages of history. Here is another anecdote that shed light on his funny yet bizarre actions as said by his wife.

Once on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Will clarified the actual story of him asking money from random strangers. Before his interview, Jimmy on the show had Jada, Smith’s wife who revealed Will had a habit of taking his business to the streets. Dive in further to know the reason behind his weird gesture.

Will Smith talks about the backstory of his asking strangers for money

According to Jada as reiterated by Jimmy on the show, Will used to panhandle, go onto the streets and ask strangers for money. This was the case when he did not have any cash or any wallet on him. Elaborating Will narrated a story about the incident. As Smith said, once when they were walking down the streets of New York, they came across the first palate of whole food.

They were selling their company’s bottles for 99 cents and neither of them had any cash to buy. That’s when Will came up with the idea to ask some passersby who he was confident were Fresh Prince (his rap name) fans. Will desperately wanted to get two bottles for each of them and that is how he cooked up this idea to get them in some way or the other.

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He further imitated his wife’s entire reaction to his bizarre idea and talked about how difficult it was to persuade her to borrow $2. There was some more exchange of pleasantries between the host and the beloved guest. In the course of the interview, Jimmy also revealed that it was exactly how Jada had narrated her side of the story.

Will and Jada Pinkett have been happily married since 1977 and share two young beautiful kids. They have had such hilarious moments a million times which both of them cherish forever.

Have you also done something as hilarious as Smith? If yes, we are down to hear your story too! Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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