“When There’s a Camera..” – Body Expert Reveal How Meghan Markle Is in ‘Difficult Position’ When It Comes to the Royal Family

“When There’s a Camera..” – Body Expert Reveal How Meghan Markle Is in ‘Difficult Position’ When It Comes to the Royal Family

The cameras have been a constant norm in the life of Meghan Markle. The actress first gained love for her role in the Suits before she married Prince Harry of England. And what followed was the glare of the harshest camera lights on her face everywhere she went around and also the scrutiny that came with it. While things have toned down a notch after the couple left the United Kingdom to start a “normal” life in the United States by becoming celebrities.

The tell-all Netflix documentary of the couple has been the subject of scrutiny both by royal experts and the general audience ever since its release. Fans found it quite hard to decide who was telling the truth and what to make of it.

However, a behavioral analyst offered a refreshing take with his analysis of Meghan Markle’s behavior from the Harry and Meghan documentary.

Behavior Analyst hot take on Meghan Markle

A behavior analysis channel on YouTube by the name of the Behavioral Arts has given his two cents on the Duchess of Sussex. The analyst tracked every move that Meghan Markle made, from the furrowing of her eyebrows to her hand gestures, in order to help fans realize where she is coming from. Spidey, the analyst, from the get-go pointed out that Meghan Markle “sticks out like a sore thumb.” However, he wasn’t being a baseless hater and provided a very logical explanation for it.

Spidey explained that due to Markle’s first affair with the cameras was through acting, her approach, whenever she is in front of the lenses, is to put on an act.

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Not saying that she is ‘fake,’ as many define her to be, but just her experience. “To her, that’s just her entire experience. When the camera’s on, we act.” the analyst said. Contrary to that of Prince Harry, who has forever had to be himself, the young Prince of England, in front of the cameras.

Markle’s first misunderstanding with Kate Middleton and Prince William could have been avoided

One of the juiciest moments of the docuseries was when Markle recounted the first time she had Kate Middleton and Prince William for dinner. The former actress famously said that the royal found it “jarring” when she hugged them. And also that the “formality carries over on both sides,” and Spidey doesn’t entirely agree with her.

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The body analyst questioned if this meant that the actress was not who she portrayed herself as in front of the cameras. But the point he wanted to make was that when she had the then-second heir to the throne over for dinner, she could have asked her husband for pointers. Apart from this, Spidey agreed that Markle was in a “difficult position” during her time in the Royal family.

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