How Tyler Perry Once Emerged as a Messiah for Homeless Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

How Tyler Perry Once Emerged as a Messiah for Homeless Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

A lot has happened since Harry and Meghan ditched their senior royal duties and made an exit from the royal castle and the family residing in it. The two of them did a tell-all Oprah interview which has garnered 17.81 million views on CBS alone, released their Netflix documentary which was again a tell-all, and also purchased a nearly 15 million dollar home in the sunny city of California.

Let’s not forget the constant social media attacks that they had to face in between. However, life wasn’t always sunny beaches and a 15 million dollar house for the couple. It was freezing London winter and ten-bedroom Nottingham Cottage before. But in the midst of this flashing extravagance, there was a time when Harry and Meghan had to live in a friend’s house after technically being homeless following the megxit.

Why were Harry and Meghan homeless?

The question in itself sounds like a layered punch to the Royal family for treating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle like a ‘spare’. But it isn’t. The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves in a homeless situation when, after exiting the Royal family in 2020, they were informed, on short notice, of their security being taken away.

Short notice that security was going to be removed,” the Spare writer told Oprah. The couple originally moved to Canada after their exit, but thanks to the paparazzi leaking their address, they had to quickly move out.

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To make situations worse, the pandemic had just hit, pushing everyone inside with a global lockdown. Now homeless and security-ridden, Harry and Meghan were left in a panic-ridden state before Tyler Perry came to the rescue.

Tyler Perry provided shelter to the royal couple

Tyler Perry may have never played a superhero in DC or Marvel, but for Harry and Meghan, he will always remain a superhero. The actor invited the couple over to a house he owned in South California. Perry even arranged security for the couple. Then, only learning to become “financially independentHarry and Meghan stayed there with Archie for nearly three months.

However, Perry wasn’t always the giver in their equation. Back in early 2021, when baby food formula shortage was the issue, the story had a different superhero. Tyler Perry and Meghan Markle prove that a friend in need is truly a friend indeed.

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