When Ryan Reynolds Turned Winnie the Pooh Into Winnie the Screwed for His Mobile Company Ad

When Ryan Reynolds Turned Winnie the Pooh Into Winnie the Screwed for His Mobile Company Ad

Winnie the Pooh is probably one of the most recognized characters in media. The character first became famous in A. A. Milne’s book. Nearly 96 years later, the character passed into the public domain. This gave creators the opportunity to use the character in their content for free and also take some creative liberties. Case in point, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.  But before Rhys Waterfield turned Pooh into a psycho, it was Ryan Reynolds that used the character in his Mint Mobile ad.

It’s already known that the Canadian is a part owner of the 2015 company. Not only does he own it, but he is also the face of it. Last year, he created a hilarious sketch with the character to promote the company. 

Winnie the Pooh was screwed over until Ryan Reynolds owned Mint Mobile offered him a solution 

In 2015, Ryan Reynolds shared a video on his socials, when Pooh became public property in 2022. The actor explained that he decided to take some creative liberties with the character and its story. 

The clip then cuts to a picture book, similar to EH Shephard’s illustrations which displayed the title: Winnie the Screwed. Pooh is seen struggling with his increasing phone bills. But then suddenly he finds that Mint Mobile offers a cheaper plan and all his problems are solved.

Much like always, the actor managed to deliver the perks and benefits of Mint Mobile with a dose of humor. The commercial has around 3.1 million views so far!

And the marketing guru did it again when he teamed up with Harvey Fierstein for a Mint mobile commercial this year!

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Reynolds pokes fun at Verizon with his Mint Mobile commercial 

For this year, the Deadpool actor got Harvey onboard to poke fun at Verizon jointly. The father of four was seen sitting on a giant Mint logo and complaining when he meets Harvey. Harvey dressed as Newton remarked that the bill was defying gravity because it only went up. Eventually, they reveal Mint’s latest $0-a-month plan. 

Verizon had run a similar commercial last year. But only in the place of Newton, they had Paul Giamatti’s Einstein and SNL comedian Cecily Strong.

Comedy sketches come easily to the actor, but we reckon with a fourth baby at home, he is too preoccupied at the moment. Did you like Winnie the Screwed?

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