When Ryan Reynolds Drank Blood and Bone Broth on Camera, and It Was Not for a Vampire Movie

When Ryan Reynolds Drank Blood and Bone Broth on Camera, and It Was Not for a Vampire Movie

Ryan Reynolds never fails to amaze us, whether with his movies, shows, or interviews. His witty persona and comic nature are always hysterical and entertaining to watch on and off the screen. And as many of you may know, The Deadpool star previously owned a stake in an American Gin producing company, Aviation Gin. So, while Reynolds was out promoting his gin company, he did something many of us would not find very impressive.

Over the years, Ryan has always entertained us with his movies and especially his interviews. But once, he did something extreme. The Free Guy actor drank a cocktail that included blood and bone broth on camera, and no, it was not a shot for a vampire movie.

Ryan Reynolds is a real-life vampire

In 2018, Ryan Reynolds appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, where he was promoting Aviation American Gin, one of his recent investments. The duo decided to play a game of Drinko where both Ryan and Jimmy would mix the gin with questionable ingredients. But what came as a shock was the final round of the game.

Ryan’s final combination was gross, to say the least. The Merc with a Mouth added grape soda, blood, bone broth, bacon, egg, and cheese. And strange as it sounds, Reynolds immediately gulped the whole mixture in one go. It is shocking that Reynolds drank the cocktail without diluting the gin in the mixture.

While Fallon could not even watch Reynolds drink the combination, the crowd lauded the actor for his incredible dedication. Although it was visible that Reynolds did not enjoy drinking it, his effort to make the game entertaining was commendable. Shortly after, Fallon took a bow for Reynolds and said, “That’s what I was talking about, Ryan Reynolds! You are a legend.”

Other businesses owned by Reynolds

Besides his acting career, Ryan Reynolds is also a businessman and has made a fortune investing in various companies. Apart from his stake in Aviation Gin, Reynolds also owns a 20-25% stake in Mint Mobile. Moreover, the Free Guy actor founded the film production and digital marketing company, Maximum Effort in 2018 alongside George Dewey. Previously, the Deadpool star also purchased the Welsh football club Wrexham A.F.C. with American actor Rob McElhenney.

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As of now, Reynolds is gearing up for his much-anticipated film Deadpool 3. Are you excited about the movie? Do lets us know in the comments below.

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