“I was hoping Drachmas”: Ryan Reynolds Compares Dollars to Pounds, as He Talks About the Huge Purchase of Wrexham AFC

“I was hoping Drachmas”: Ryan Reynolds Compares Dollars to Pounds, as He Talks About the Huge Purchase of Wrexham AFC

Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds dig enormous fortunes from their movie careers. These are then multiplied through varied investments. Reynolds successfully managed to divert his income, to his passionate field of sports. The Green Lantern star sure aimed high when purchasing his Welsh football club Wrexham.

Both the witty owners planned to revive the club seriously. Welcome to Wrexham is a good proof of that. But buying a Footclub in pounds is no cheap thrill, even for Hollywood celebrities. Ryan talks about this and more in his interview.

Ryan Reynolds talks in currency about his Wrexham club purchase

Reynolds’s love for sports and success as an actor enabled him to invest in his beloved sport. In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Wrexham owners discussed about how they came into purchasing the Wrexham football club. This is when Reynolds said, “I was hoping Drachmas” as the three discussed about the Welsh club’s cost and currency of purchase. Drachmas is a former Greek monetary unit that was later replaced by Euro. While Colbert also added to the joke that it could’ve been the Lira, a former Italian unit of currency.


As per comedian Rob, ‘superhero money’ was required to afford the club. So when Stephen estimated it to be costing millions of dollars, the Mystic Quest creator corrected him that it was actually millions of pounds, which is worth more than dollars. Now, as successful as he is as a TV show comedian, an A-lister’s investment was in need. This led him to call his friend and actor for a pitch-in. Reynolds’s involvement in the business, including the co-ownership of Mint company has added greatly to his wealth. Thereon, the duo went on to buy the club for 2 million pounds from the Wrexham Supporters Club (WSC).

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The ownership was gained successfully in 2021 and the Deadpool star went straight in for its promotion. It involved promotions on Twitter, actively giving interviews, and making a docuseries. Welcome to Wrexham, the American series, showcases the Welsh Club’s progress under new owners Rob and Ryan. The episodes have been available to watch since August 2022 on channels like Disney+. Although Netflix doesn’t have it, it does have other sports docuseries like Flint Town. There’s also Ryan Reynolds’s movies like 6 Underground, The Red Notice, and The Adam Project.

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