When Meghan Markle’s Childhood Friend Revealed How the Then-Actress Wanted to Be “Princess Diana 2.0”

When Meghan Markle’s Childhood Friend Revealed How the Then-Actress Wanted to Be “Princess Diana 2.0”

The death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II has once again brought the limelight to Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex is being monitored for her every action and clothes by the royal loyalists. She is currently in the United Kingdom with Prince Harry to attend Queen’s service and pay her respects to the late monarch.

As Meghan has once again become a staple of British tabloids, people are eager to know more about her. Her previous statements and interviews regarding the royal family are popping up on social media only to gain millions of likes and views. Amidst all the love and criticism of Meghan Markle, one of her childhood friend’s interviews from 2017 has gone viral.

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Is Meghan Markle fond of the royal family since childhood?

Since her relationship with Prince Harry began, Meghan Markle has maintained her stance of not knowing much about the royal family. In her first engagement interview with Harry, the American actress revealed that growing up in the USA, she did not have a very good understanding of the royals. However, her old friend, Ninaki Priddy, revealed Meghan’s fascination with the House of Windsor since childhood.

In a 2017 interview, Ninaki claimed that Princess Diana charmed the 41-year-old, who had hoped to be her second version in the future. Diana has been one of the most loved royals and people appreciated her for her humanitarian work and compassion. 

“She was always fascinated by the royal family. Meghan wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. She will play her role ably,” Priddy had said, as quoted by Dailymail. 

The Duchess of Sussex visited Buckingham Palace as a teen

Meanwhile, Ninaki also did not seem much impressed with Meghan and Harry’s relationship. She spewed hate on the Duchess of Sussex for trapping the royal Prince and claimed that Meghan had been “planning this all her life” and Harry should be cautious. 

Notably, Ninaki Priddy and Meghan Markle traveled to London when they were 15 years old. During the all-girls’ trip, they also clicked a photograph while sitting on the railing outside Buckingham Palace. 

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What do you think about the revelations made by Meghan’s childhood friend? Do you think Markle is trying to become the next Princess Diana? Or is the actress simply inspired by her husband’s late mother? Share in the comments.

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    Meghan is out for herself and she is a biggest liar. Prince Harry should DIVORCE her.

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    A wannabe that never was or will be but hey we all have dreams!

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