When “just friends” Kanye West and Donald Trump Met Post 2016 Elections – “I’m taking his lead”

When “just friends” Kanye West and Donald Trump Met Post 2016 Elections – “I’m taking his lead”

The American rapper and record producer Kanye West is known for landing into one or the other controversy now and then. Apart from singing, West has a special connection with politics as well. It was in 2020 when he registered himself as a presidential candidate with his self-styled party called The Birthday Party. 

The Bound 2 singer attracted a lot of attention during his 2020 presidential campaign by making some absurd promises, including the appointment of Elon Musk as the head of the space program under his government. However, people straightway denied a Black Panther-like government in the US, as Ye received only 60,000 votes. Kanye’s connection with politics dates back to 2016. The 45-year-old caused a furor in 2016 in the US by visiting the Trump tower to have a short meeting with then US president Donald Trump

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What did Kanye West and Donald Trump talk about?

It was on the morning of December 13 in 2016 that Kanye West paid a visit to the Trump Tower. Almost after half an hour, both Kanye and Trump came out of the gold elevator to pose for the shutterbugs. They also answered some questions from the press to give clarity over their meeting. 

When asked about the rapper, the former US president described their relationship, saying as quoted by the New York Times, “Just friends, just friends. He’s a good man.” Further giving the details of their conversation, Trump added that the two spoke about life in general. 

Kanye West’s meeting with Donald did not go well with a lot of his fans, and the rapper was forced to give an explanation on his official Twitter handle. On the same day, the Bound 2 singer posted a series of three tweets to issue a clarification. The hip-hop musician added that he discussed multicultural issues with Trump. 

Notably, West was supportive of Trump during the 2016 election campaign. During one of his concerts, he praised Donald by saying, “Yeah, I’m taking his lead.” That concert eventually became famous for West targeting his contemporaries, including Beyonce and Jay Z. 

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