“If I don’t approve that”- When Kanye West Desired to Have a Say in the Life of Eldest Daughter North

“If I don’t approve that”- When Kanye West Desired to Have a Say in the Life of Eldest Daughter North

Kanye West has been divorced from Kim Kardashian for a while now. Although he keeps commenting every now and then that how much he misses her and his 4 kids. This has disturbed the Grammy-winning singer personally. As a result, he is the reason for leaking the family’s personal feuds every now and then. Kanye and Kim has four children. In descending order of their age, their names are North, Psalm, Chicago, and Saint.

Although, Kanye seems to be speaking a lot about his eldest daughter North these days. A few days ago, he said in an interview that he believes in the North so much. He thinks she is responsible enough to protect the family and her siblings. Most importantly, he advised her to look after his and her mother’s brands. He does not want them to go into others’ hands. But, a few months ago, this father was asking to have to put opinions on his eldest daughter North’s life.

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When it comes to his daughter North, Kanye West wants a say

This started when Kim posted a celebratory post of her along with her kids. She was celebrating the news of her being on the cover of Vogue. Inside pages of the magazine showed her along with her kids having a fresh beginning. Immediately after that, Kanye shared Kim’s post and his family’s screenshots on his Instagram and requested God to bring his family together.

A few days later, Kim broke the silence on West’s post by sharing another TikTok of her with the kids. However, she did not know that she will have to face another aggressive post from her ex-husband. Kanye was angry with the TikTok she posted but there is something else too. According to Vogue, he wrote on his Instagram, “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL? ”

In response, Kim said that she is more hurt by the way Kanye’s public responses as compared to some random TikTok North might not even care about. Both the stars are constantly in the news for their controversial responses. Let’s see what comes next.

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